Verizon’s Smart Cities solutions empower municipalities to solve some of today’s biggest challenges -- including public safety, traffic and energy management, and intelligent transportation -- using a powerful combination of advanced networking, cloud computing, security and device management.  By making cities "smarter," local governments, in collaboration with Verizon, are able to become more efficient, resilient, address aging infrastructure, generate more revenue and better protect the local communities they serve.

Verizon’s Smart Cities solutions help municipalities quickly and cost-effectively support initiatives for managing buildings, roadways, utilities and transportation systems.  Using applications such as fleet and asset management, smart lighting, condition-based maintenance and smart grid technology -- enabled by Verizon’s network and cloud infrastructure -- Verizon helps city planners develop sustainable platforms to use resources more efficiently. The goal is to help generate non-tax city revenue, create safer municipalities, engage constituents and promote urban renewal -- all of which can attract businesses, residents and workers.

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Jan 1 2018