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Welcome to the Apps Gallery showcasing the myriad ways public data is being turned into smartphone applications to improve the delivery of government services and enable citizens and public officials to engage more effectively. Many of the apps have also been credited with helping streamline city operations.

Below are a few of our seasonal favorites. If you want to browse the entire app collection, click Mobile Apps in the right column. If you want to browse by category, click on an area of interest – Citizen Reporting or Local Government Services, for example.

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10 Innovative Student Projects Reimagine Bangladesh’s Future

Fri, 2016-06-24 09:20 -- Compassionate C...

In May 2016, around 100 innovative graduate students from universities across Bangladesh participated in an innovation incubator to develop prototypes that could solve problems affecting their country, from healthcare to transport and infrastructure to agriculture and more. Watch this World Bank video to see the 10 winning projects.

Solving Social Service Challenges with Analytics

Tue, 2016-06-14 13:49 -- Compassionate C...

Leaders are under increasing pressure to rein in spending, while delivering better living standards in their communities. In companion white papers, IBM experts suggest technology can play a significant role in increasing independence, improving quality of life and coordinating services for vulnerable populations.