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Welcome to the Apps Gallery showcasing the myriad ways public data is being turned into smartphone applications to improve the delivery of government services and enable citizens and public officials to engage more effectively. Many of the apps have also been credited with helping streamline city operations.

Below are a few of our seasonal favorites. If you want to browse the entire app collection, click Mobile Apps in the right column. If you want to browse by category, click on an area of interest – Citizen Reporting or Local Government Services, for example.

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Meet the Makers: Ken Krieger and the Ebola-proof tablet

Thu, 2015-10-08 13:35 -- SCC Staff

Don't miss this video where you'll meet Ken Krieger and the makers behind Project Buendia. They created an Ebola-proof tablet and server with Intel Edison technology to help fight the Ebola outbreak -- and they did in two months when it would normally take two years -- because they were racing against time.