Wanted: 10 startups that want to make a lasting impact on the poor and vulnerable

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Here's an exciting opportunity for 10 organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of poor and vulnerable populations and could use some help. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Unreasonable Institute, a startup accelerator, are offering 10 early-stage for-profit or non-profit organizations $100,000 each and nine months of support to get their job done at scale. This initiative – dubbed the Future Cities Accelerator – will also be an exciting one to watch.

Can a million dollars make a difference in millions of lives?

The Rockefeller Foundation and Unreasonable Institute are going to find out.

The goal of their Future Cities Accelerator is to find 10 early-stage organizations that are likely to benefit over one million poor or vulnerable people in the U.S. and could use some help to make it happen. Those selected into the program will receive $100,000 and nine months of intensive support which includes:

  • Six weeks of online training in rapid prototyping
  • A five-day, in-person bootcamp to help prepare for scale
  • Six months of guidance from mentors, an executive coach and pro bono financial modeling
  • Fundraising training and nine months of support from For Impact
  • Paid admission to SOCAP, the world’s largest gathering of impact investors and entrepreneurs

Who should apply?
The program is looking for organizations with the potential to create deep and lasting impact whether they are working in social justice, clean tech, healthcare, education, job creation, finding homes for the homeless, etc.

"Critical to creating this kind of impact," organizers say, "is identifying a 'hair on fire problem' that leads to rapid adoption of your solution by your intended customers or beneficiaries, especially when that solution is affordable to them."

They are also looking for organizations with "a relentless dedicated team."

Application deadline is Sept. 25, 2016.


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