Solving Social Service Challenges with Analytics

Leaders are under increasing pressure to rein in spending, while delivering better living standards in their communities. In companion white papers, IBM experts suggest technology can play a significant role in increasing independence, improving quality of life and coordinating services for vulnerable populations.

Launching a Generation of Global Problem Solvers

The existing global economy cannot hire all the unemployed, which is expected to increase to 210 million people by 2019, according to a Cisco white paper. Author Tae Yoo asserts that for countries to thrive in today's digitized economy, not only will we have to address unemployment, but also job creation. Read how the Cisco exec suggests doing that.

A Digital Pathway to Financial Inclusion


This white paper describes how the cash-digital divide creates stark inequities in the financial lives of poor households. The authors depict what digital financial inclusion would look like and present evidence suggesting that connecting poor people to an integrated digital financial system will generate sizable welfare benefits.